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What is Emu Oil?

Emu oil is derived from the emu bird that is indigenous to Australia and was used because of its properties by the Aborigines for thousands of years. The Aborigines first detected the benefits of emu oil once the oil was applied to their skin. What they discovered was that the emu oil not only hydrated and nourished the skin, but relieved muscle aches, joint pains and was found to be an effective treatment for cuts and bruises. In recent findings, Emu oil has been used medically for joint problems as well as a number of different skin conditions. Even rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis patients have found emu oil to be beneficial.

What makes Emu oil so great for dogs?

Emu oil is now known throughout the skin care industry as one of THE best skin moisturizers. ********This is why Veterinarians are recommending the oil for pets with arthritis and skin issues.

It is also one of nature’s little known aides for many pet skin and coat issues, such as hotspot treatment for dogs or dry skin.   

There are many benefits for dogs using emu oil products. If your pet is not using emu oil products, then you have got to try them. Emu oil has many benefits that can be used in many different ways. It can be directly applied when your pet gets a scratch, a bite wound or even an itch. It is the first thing that you should consider when you have to take care of your pet(s). Emu oil shampoo for pets can provide your pet a healthy, shiny and thick coat. These products are natural and safe, helpful for aches and pains, and non-toxic. Emu oil can treat just about anything in pets. From creature burns, ear infections and infections, to wounds, eczema and arthritis. Due to Emu’s oil anti-inflammatory properties, it is starting to gain popularity for pet owners all over the world. Here is why pets require Emu oil. <—(goes to benefits page)

The Evolution Supply website for dog products says the following:

“Research reports also point to Emu Oil’s high level of hormone like compounds Eicosanoids as a reason of its effectiveness. Eicosanoids have been shown to increase blood flow near areas it is applied to resulting in quicker and deeper healing. These hormones also promote cells to open up and soften, which in turn allows oxygen to penetrate deeper into the skin.”

Other research also suggests: Dr. Robert Nicolosi, Director of the Center for Health and Disease Research at the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, has been conducting research to evaluate the natural health benefits of Emu Oil. Healing, penetrating, anti-aging and cholesterol lowering studies were conducted. Nicolosi reports that “Emu Oil does have cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory and transdermal properties”.  These research results changed Dr.Nicolosi from a skeptic into a believer, after the animal trials were completed.

Besides being a great anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory substance, emu oil’s properties makes it great not only for dogs, but for many other animals as well, specifically horses and cats. It has been reported to have been used on koalas, kangaroos, and even possums!


******If your dog suffers from dry and itchy skin, emu oil may provide relief. Because it consists of fat lipids that are very similar to those found on the top layer of the skin, it is easily absorbed and acts as a powerful moisturizer. Many moisturizers on the market today simply sit on the top layer of the skin, offering only temporary relief from dry skin. Emu oil is especially effective for your dogs dry skin and cracked paws. If your pet is always outdoors and exposed to the elements, moisturizing with emu oil will provide exemplary protection and reduce the occurrence of dry, chapped skin and paws.**********

Emu Oil For Skin problems

Emu Oil For  Muscle And Joint Issues

Emu Oil For Dull And Brittle Coat

  • Treats animal burns
  • eercastMoisturizes coat and skin
  • Treats itches and scratches
  • eercastTreats and heals wounds
  • eercastEffective bug repellent
  • eercastHighly moisturizes skin with easy absorption
  • eercastHelps eczema
  • eercastEar infections
  • eercastHelps with mites and fleas
  • eercastTreats ulcers
  • eercastTreats ringworm
  • eercastDiminishes the appearance of scarring from ringworm
  • eercastCan be used on all types of animals including livestock
  • eercastHelps with symptoms from eczema such as swelling and pain
  • Reduces inflammation such as swelling and pain
  • eercastRelieves pain from muscles and joints
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • eercastRelieves arthritis
  • Stimulates fur growth
  • Helps prevent baldness
  • Helps dry, damaged fur
  • eercastFights dandruff
  • eercastHeals and strengthens coat
  • eercastReduces frizziness
  • eercastReduces dry and scaly skin and skin disease
  • eercastHelps repair split ends and breakage
  • eercastBoosts shine
  • eercastPromotes a shiny, healthy and thick coat

My pet has sore, itchy or dry skinMy pet has muscle and joint issuesMy pet has a dull or brittle coat

Emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory

******Emu oil can offer many health benefits for your dogs body at all different kinds of levels. Emu oil may alleviate a great deal of inflammatory joint pain, as well as skin conditions brought on by inflammation.

Emu oil is an excellent source of skin-nourishing fatty acids; particularly omega fatty acids 3, 6 and 9. These essential fats may help fortify and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. The anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 are particularly beneficial for dogs with skin and/or joint disease. Deficiencies in fatty acids will lead to delayed wound healing, dry and unhealthy coats and poor skin health. 

DHA, an omega 3 fatty acid, is particularly important for puppies in aiding their brain and eye development and in effective learning.*******

The Best for Your Best Friend

High Quality, Natural Ingredient Dog Shampoos

Works on my dog!

This stuff is fantastic! If your dog has itchy skin, dandruff, etc. you need this oil. We squeeze a little on Otis’ brush and groom him several times a week. His coat becomes so shiney, and all the itching and dry skin, along with areas of hair loss, disappear. There is no smell, he doesn’t even know it’s being brushed on him, and it also helps repel biting insects.

The Jojoba & Emu oil Dog Shampoo and Conditioner make combing our standard poodle’s kinky coat much easier, and reduce the much-dreaded tangles! These products also keep our poodle’s coat in good condition, and because they’re all natural, they soothe her skin. These are good products and last a long time, and they have different ingredient formulas for specif coats and issues .

I tried everything for my mini dachshund’s itching (including Apoquel) and nothing worked. She is evidently allergic to grass… Saw this on Amazon and decided to try it (couldn’t hurt). It is amazing!! Her skin looked better after the first application! She is looking better every day so I intend to continue using it

Amazon.com Review

Amazon.com Review

Amazon.com Review

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Emu Oil promotes fur and skin health

*******Emu oil products for dogs coat have many benefits for fur and skin health, and they are effective on dry and brittle coats and skin. Researchers believe that using emu oil for hair loss will have an amazing effect on growth due to its abundance of essential fatty acids (EFAs). Therefore, it’s a no brainer that emu oil may help dogs with a shedding coat. One of those EFAs, oleic acid, may be the secret behind emu oil’s ability to penetrate deep into the skin. Emu oil is also an oleic acid (Link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleic_acid), and does not stop at the skin and instead penetrates deeper underneath the skin layer. The nourishing and essential fatty acids inside emu oil may help fortify and nourish your dog’s skin and coat. If your pet suffers from a dull, lackluster coat then emu oil will bring its condition back to a shiny, healthy looking coat.There was a study done by Dr. Michael Holick, where he investigated emu oil’s ability to revive hair follicles. The animals being studied were topically given emu oil. What he found was that Emu Oil “Wakes Up” 80% of Sleeping Hair Follicles. Holick found that treating skin with emu oil resulted in a 20% increase in hair growth activity, compared to skin treated with corn oil. After examining the hairs themselves, Holick noted that they were “much more robust,” and that “skin thickness was remarkably increased, suggesting that emu oil for hair loss, both stimulated skin growth and hair growth.” Even in extreme climates, the oil outperformed other products as a skin moisturizer and skin protectant. These results suggest that emu oil may help conditions linked to slow or unhealthy skin and hair cell production like hair loss and sensitive scalp.Link: http://www.hairloss-research.org/holickemuoil.html

A customer of ours used it on their dachshund fur and noticed a significant improvement over a period of time. After one week of using this daily on the dog, the hair loss was definately filling in. The customer wrote, “I am very glad I bought this!”. She updated us a little over a month and said her bald spots grew in completely and the fur is even growing longer than it has ever been. Her vet said a few days ago that if she hadn’t mentioned the Alopecia to him, he wouldn’t have noticed at all, so that is it’s testimony for sure.*********

Now your dog can benefit from Emu Oil!

Now your furry friends can enjoy these natural healing benefits using our recommended emu oil products. 

More about the Emu bird

The emu bird is considered much older than the ostrich and dates back over 80 years into the Theropod family of dinosaurs. The emu bird has unique attributes such as 2 narrow feathers that grow from every quill. Even the eggs of this emu bird are unique, as they come in a green to dark green color. The extra benefit for the emu bird is the fact that it stores a type of body fat that’s primarily a healthy fat. Emu oil is powerful because the emu fat has both poly and mono unsaturated fat which is full in omega 3, 6, and 9. When you compare emu oil to beef or poultry fats, emu oil has higher quality saturated fats. Adding Emu into your diet is a great way to obtain both protein and quality oils. Today the emu bird has been raised as a healthy livestock bird and used for both its quality fat and protein. What makes emu oil great is that it is refined and purified giving it over 2 years of shelf life. The oil comes from the fatty layer found on the birds back underneath the skin and muscle. The fat is then rendered, refined and purified so that you can benefit from it in many ways.